januari 24, 2008


Hi, welcome to (another :-) ) blogspot on IT Service Management.

What does this one add? Well, first of all, here in The Netherlands we are fond of process models. Just ITIL® and CMMI is not enough for us. We recognize IT-management domains with their own needs, we defined models for those domains (which are actually pretty popular here!) and this site will share knowledge on these models and domains with you. The models we added so far to the ITSM-world are ASL (Application Services Library) and BiSL (Business Information Services Library). The latter model is very important, because it is made for the demand side of IT. For "the customers". What should they do in order to get the IT provisioning they need.

I am one of the people who were very much involved in defining, applying and spreading this knowledge. So far mostly in papers/journals, from now on on this blogspot as well.

I'll try to add a question-answer section and a private section where papers can be downloaded.

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